Computers and geology

Hello! If you stumbled upon this blog, you must be either geology-related or a programmer, or even both. Either way, let me make a quick remark on the awesomeness of combining these disciplines. Geology benefits greatly from modelling software, supercomputation, geographic information systems and such. I feel informatics aren’t given the importance they should during the formation of geologists, and that’s why I created this blog.

Blog's logo with transparent background.
The command line and the hammer, tools of the trade.

The logo of the blog is a geological hammer on a green and black computer screen. I feel kind of nostalgic for the old green phosphor crt monitors, and the geohammer is something every geologist recognizes. It summarizes my two passions and it’s recognizable.

I’ll be posting twice a month with geoinformatics-related stuff. Don’t hesitate to give feedback on the site, either by leaving a comment below or by e-mail. Have a nice day!

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